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  • HEX-EN - NEH, N-etylonorheksedron
    josiek wrote:
    1 month ago
    Kto próbował hexenu od Ciekawe kto z wielkich to ma.
    They have best hexen in EU. As i know preda have from them !
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    Last post 1 month ago
  • opinie o sklepie | opinions about shop
    @josiek, in my opinion only type 1 is the best if you search for oral efects.
    Type 3-4, is quite interesting if you try sniff, but overall - i felt much more toxicated after those types.
    Of course, if you consider that 4cmc type 1 is excellent, more toxicated means, feel almost nothing.
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    Last post 1 month ago
  • opinie o sklepie | opinions about shop
    You need to write to them, sometimes its 50g, sometimes its 100g! But ratio price/quality - is best on market!

    Yes i already tested new shipment. ! Quality is terrific! I think its slighty better in dopamine rush! I recommend this 3-cmc
    Right now rcchems - is my best vendor! I get 100% checked and best stuff! Always best quality!
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    Last post 6 months ago
  • opinie o sklepie | opinions about shop
    josiek, well im ordering 4-cmc all the time. my customers love it - its one of the best 4-cmc on market.
    Its working by sniff but oral is best. After several tests with other 4-cmc types - my customers decided - this 4-cmc from rcchems is the best one.

    New type 4-cmc type 2 - is milked and i think its stronger especially in sniff mode :) - much more euphory!

    Gargameli, Well slovak post office is great!!! just think that for Poste Restente option - YOU HAVE TRACK!!!!!

    josiek wrote:
    7 months ago
    unfortunatelly no- rcchems are not working on balikomats.. they are not very popular in slovakia :(

    Broussard, please remember, slovakia post offices are everywhere!!!! and you get tracking!
    You just need Real Name and Surname, you go to slovak office, show ID, and that it! you have package!
    3-cmc 4-cmc are legal in slovakia!

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    Last post 7 months ago
  • opinie o sklepie | opinions about shop
    About dpd pickup point - i dont know, ask them on e-mail
    About time - they are very quick! i get my package after 3 days from sending BTC!!!

    Packing ? - i think we cannot write about it here, but packing is very strong and secret :) nobody will know what is inside!

    Also i tested new part of 4cmc from rcchems - Still its best RC in whole europe. Glass 4-cmc is higly euphoric!!! And STRONG!!! :) very very good.
    Im waiting for new 3cmc.... i hope in next week, they will have it!
    HEXEN - its very strong... and its fucking hurting me if i will take it for day or more... fuck you hexen :(
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    Last post 8 months ago
  • Aktualnie polecane stymulanty
    Boss, i was buying from predator - there wasnt problems with sending to slovakia and here everything is fine. ;)
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    Last post 8 months ago
  • 3-mmc + 4-cmc = DOBRY MIX?
    Yes its true, 4-cmc is neurotoxic, but its very good!
    Best are from predator, rcchems (transparent). And i think only one big party on those substances for one week - is secure.
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    Last post 8 months ago
  • 3-CMC
    You can find it in predator, threecrystals, chemcloud, legalchem, rcchems, atomchemical,
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    Last post 8 months ago
  • opinie o sklepie | opinions about shop
    slovak678, i can assure You, they are sending to slovakia. but for new customers, 100g!!!! crazy :(
    But they have best 3CMC in EU, sometimes its better to buy more and have best quality!
    They are seeling this 3cmc to a lot o vendors in eu.

    For experienced pets - their 3CMC is very good, they will find some part, some special factor - missing factor from 3mm - clearhead! Really, experienced ones, will fid that 3cmc from them is very euphoric and doing clearhead, and you want to speak with people and dance!
    No sideeffects!
    Also they have very good HEXEN! You should try it!
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    Last post 8 months ago
  • opinie o sklepie | opinions about shop
    Steve10, I want to order new batch - they told me that at the end of this month - new 3-cmc will arrive ? did you get it ?

    josiek, did you ordered something last time ?
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    Last post 8 months ago