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  • ONLY ENGLISH - Questions, reviews, opinions
    pigeon has landed.
    packing need to be improved, to simple from my opinion.
    All products ordered are of high quality beside 4f-adb wich need to be replaced is a dead substance this new 4f.

    All in one again another succesfully order with my favorite vendor @predatorRC
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    Last post 16 hours ago
  • opinie o sklepie
    @Atomchemicals, What about the canna? Borders are open..ive been 4 months from when you said you bring canna back and still is missing.
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    Last post 20 hours ago
  • Predator - brak kontaktu, wysylki, trackingu
    @predatorRC, Predator rc i did test the 4f-adb and is inactive, i want to order today some 5cladba but i want to know if i get something more because i did order inactive 4f-adb :E Please reply me to email i will send another one right now.

    Dodano po 3 minutach 53 sekundach:
    @predatorRC, Sorry for another post, then should i place the order now pay for it and mention about the 4f-adb in the order comment and send one email with my order number so you can know where to add more?

    Dodano po 17 minutach 41 sekundach: is not reciving mails..
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    Last post 20 hours ago
  • Aktualnie najlepszy kanna
    Hm or where can we buy the new ones from europe 5f aeb or 4f-mdmb-binaca.
    Or any other cannabinoids beside 5f-mdmb2201, 5cladba, 4fadb and to be shipped from europe from pure and reliable source?
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    Last post 1 week ago
  • opinie o sklepie / reviews about the store
    predatorRC wrote:
    1 week ago
    gheorgherr wrote:
    1 week ago
    TenTamten wrote:
    1 week ago
    gheorgherr, yes my friend tested zero reaction.
    Then predator i hope we can solve this until you send my package because if not this was a a fake promotion and i did ordered more 4f adb. I want to be replaced with 5f-mdmb or 5cl-adba because you know i need this noids..predatorRC,

    I did send you email
    You know guys that orders going not together with email . We dont replace, when it arrive and you not happy please mail and we will fix.

    Already asked producer WTF is that but ITS only one rewiev here who said that so I say wait till it arrive.
    Ok boss that is ok, because i have some of 5fmdmb and 5cladba from the bonus, so i will wait and i will test my self this new 4f-adb and then i will let you know how it was.
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    Last post 1 week ago
  • opinie o sklepie
    Sad that the vendor said that there will be canna in the store and it has been 2 months and there are no canna still.
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    Last post 1 week ago