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  • Muzyka jakiej słuchacie

    Techno at its best!
    A fuckin mindblowing trip blasting this thing thru my speakers :thumbup:

    Perfect on acid!
    Enjoy it guys!.... But loud
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  • Fikcyjna zmiana właściciela różowego. | Fake change of the pink owner.
    Hahaha..... Yeah, scum ass thiefs of pink and his bait-shops!
    Before i came here i used to identify and warn in german boards every time a new pathetic rip off shop popped up.

    Once you found and where able to link a few of these shops to pink , you start to know the indicators if a "new shop" belongs to this group. *pussylickersmiley*

    Sadly some people are suicidal enough to still keep buying theyre toxic garbage if they dont get totally ripped of no matter how much you try to warn them and try to prevent harm.

    I know for a good reason why im here and not at pink :mrgreen:

    Thanks by the way for all your work to the community! :thumbup:
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  • opinie o sklepie
    Hmmm really sad to read about recent complications because together with anoter forum shop this vendor would be my choice othewise.
    I look for long therm partnerships but to buy a bigger amount im really not sure if its risky to pay a lot of money if i cant choose a secure shippingcarrier on my own.

    Maybe i should contact and ask him about some details because his 3cmc looks godlike! :thumbup:
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  • Muzyka jakiej słuchacie

    Let me introduce you to fuckin sick crankfurt/germany style dopamine noise! :D

    Hell yeah, just give a fuck on neighbours at 3:00 in the early morning! :lol:

    Just blastin the livin shit outta my block haha :E
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  • ONLY ENGLISH - Questions, reviews, opinions
    In my opinion they get greedy or got short on cash because besides of shitty cheap crap they didnt even bother to pack with theyre usual high standart of stealth, or the staff might have completely changed because a lot of things which where the reason how this shop became this big just totally changed the opposite way and ended up to be done in the cheapest manner
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  • opinie o sklepie / reviews about the store
    For those who have hexedrone and dont know what to do with it because its totally not suitable for consumpion the way this stuff is contaminated...

    I wanted to try it myself first before i might give you wrong infos because i know it normally works fine with legit hex, but wasnt sure if thats hexedrone at all.....

    Started to wash it with acetone and so far it works pretty good.
    I just rinsed it with the rest acetone i had at home which was around 80ml before the bottle was empty.

    After i picked up more chems from the pharmacy this noon i will run another flush thru the material to finish it.
    Im pretty interrested what effects will result or if it can go into the toilet...

    In case this aint enough to have a clean product i experienced with batches before, performing a recrystallization shows the best results, in fact even changing the kind of salt the substance appeared at the beginning into hexedrone-citrate form is done pretty quick as well.

    But all that work wouldnt make much sense with tiny 10 grams, thats rather more profitable if you received bigger amounts of a crap-batch hexedrone.

    Maybe im lucky later when i picked up my chems and finished the wash and this stuff gets at least a little usefull.
    In the beginning i was simply like Hell noooo that shit aint suitable to consume in any way without growing alien-cancer big as footballs outta your ass soon :D

    I dont know if the fotos are correctly posted and its not completely done yet anyway, but i found it pretty damn impressive how much crap got washed out from the small load acetone i used up before i get my new bottle later.

    It looks even worse compared to the amount of dirt i've washed out of nep before^^

    I hope im not too late reporting this info so its hopefully still usefull for some people which might have spent a lot of money for trash...

    Stay safe :wave:
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  • opinie o sklepie / reviews about the store
    I got my package today which had the 150pln discount.
    So this at least works fine.
    The review is written in the hexedrone section.

    Got a pretty good sample 4f-eph with it so its not total garbage.
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  • N-Ethylhexedrone powder/needle prima sort
    Like i expected, just got my package and hedrone is brown stinky stuff.
    Its even worse then nep :lol:

    Meeeh, lets be fair... :E At least i got some 4f-eph as sample and my benzos like etizolam and flunitrazolam pills i have ordered and forgot, so its not a total desaster
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  • opinie o sklepie / reviews about the store
    Seems like waiting for weeks to your paid order is getting normal....

    Still waiting forfor hex and etizolam.
    Made the order just a few days after hex got in stock again.

    The shipment before with shitty NEP because of fooling around with this pathetic "small money thief" rip-off crap of performance took 1month to arrive too

    I dont really give a shit how long this hex shipment is going to take to arrive, because i already know it's getting flushed down the toilet anyway.

    Theres no reason why i should place the next order in two weeks at this shop.
    I need to fillnup my stash, and i'm not braindead to buy again next time if i cant trust theyre offers and take the risk of getting fucked over a third time.

    Its a very clever calculation rippin off a few bucks by cheating around with this "lets sell them a picture, and send 'em useless shit"
    Instead of earning five times more cash regularly at long therm by beeing a correct working crew.
    *sarcasm off*

    Its a damn insult to me, thinking i would be stupid enough to keep playin around with these stupid greenhorn problems and dont mind.

    To me acting this way is not better at all then full scam or snitching on your people.
    Shame on you!

    Im not an idiot
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    Last post 6 months ago
  • opinie o sklepie
    Does anyone know if there's a chance as new client to pay chems with bank transfer from the beginning?

    If its relevant in any way, im not the kind of customer who use to make 5g peanut orders.... :P
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    Last post 6 months ago