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  • opinie o sklepie / reviews about the store
    Seems like waiting for weeks to your paid order is getting normal....

    Still waiting forfor hex and etizolam.
    Made the order just a few days after hex got in stock again.

    The shipment before with shitty NEP because of fooling around with this pathetic "small money thief" rip-off crap of performance took 1month to arrive too

    I dont really give a shit how long this hex shipment is going to take to arrive, because i already know it's getting flushed down the toilet anyway.

    Theres no reason why i should place the next order in two weeks at this shop.
    I need to fillnup my stash, and i'm not braindead to buy again next time if i cant trust theyre offers and take the risk of getting fucked over a third time.

    Its a very clever calculation rippin off a few bucks by cheating around with this "lets sell them a picture, and send 'em useless shit"
    Instead of earning five times more cash regularly at long therm by beeing a correct working crew.
    *sarcasm off*

    Its a damn insult to me, thinking i would be stupid enough to keep playin around with these stupid greenhorn problems and dont mind.

    To me acting this way is not better at all then full scam or snitching on your people.
    Shame on you!

    Im not an idiot
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  • opinie o sklepie
    Does anyone know if there's a chance as new client to pay chems with bank transfer from the beginning?

    If its relevant in any way, im not the kind of customer who use to make 5g peanut orders.... :P
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  • Propozycje nowych produktów
    Hi and friendly greetings from germany... :)

    I would like to ask if you are getting any sort of benzopowder in stock in soon future?

    Your products and reputation seems very interresting for me, and I'm looking for a new supplier because the vendor i use to buy my chems seems like he can't get the job done correctly anymore.

    So far, your shop looks like a very good source to buy all i need, but making another order at a second shop everytime when I'm getting a new load of stimulants with benzo's would be very unpractical and expensive.

    I'm happy to read your reply and thank you in advance :wave:
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  • NEP Big crystal - opinie, recenzje | opinions, reviews
    hi, i cant write private messages yet.
    I just explain the acetone wash here.
    Its very simple ;-)
    This way everyone can profit from this method. :)
    You just need a coffeefilter some glasses for the used acetone you want to throw away.
    Put the substance into the coffeefilter and fill it with cold acetone, if it ran thru fill it up again with fresh acetone.
    You do this about 3-4 times then your nep should be nice and clean. It drys pretty fast.
    For my 15 grams it took around 250ml of acetone so its really not expensive to get it done :thumbup:

    It was just the best thing i could have done with this stuff, the difference is great!

    Works with speed too to get rid of caffeine and synthetic impurities, and works with a hand full of other rc stimulants.
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    Last post 1 week ago
  • NEP Big crystal - opinie, recenzje | opinions, reviews
    Do your health a big favour and make a wash via cold pharmaceutical acetone.
    Its done in five minutes and the results are great.

    A full dark pink and horrible stinking bag of crap is now shiny white powder, does not smell in any way, and shows no bad sideeffects anymore.

    Sniffing is a lot more comfortable now too, and does not burn the living shit out of my face anymore.

    I really would avoid sniffing pink stimulants at any cost, if these byproducts are the same as these of pink speed you have a big chance to consume quicksilversalts, these use to cause problems like early dementia, alzheimers desease and other sorts of mental crazyness after 5-15 years.

    It was totally nasty seeing how much crap got washed out and left behind after the used acetone was dry.

    This shop really wont have a good future if they keep buying the cheapest useless trash.
    You wont make big money by taking a shit inside the front garden of your clients healt.
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  • opinie o sklepie / reviews about the store
    I hope that brown hexedrone is a mistake.
    Im really pissed if i just made a payment today for a bag of fucked up chemical waste.
    Getting 15g nep which looked like its a totally different product containing probably a whole list of nasty impurities already was a bad joke.
    Im just lucky i could succesfull wash this stuff to get it usefull again.

    Im maybe a stimaddict, but not suicidal or mentally retarded.

    I could not continue spending money if i cant trust what i get offered.

    This would just cross a border.
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  • NEP Big crystal - opinie, recenzje | opinions, reviews
    Sort is active on a enjoyable level.

    Now the usefull news:
    seriously guys, dont ignore this as its just coloured little bit special. Its a high chance this color comes as a result of quicksylversalts thru cheap synth without washing a batch after. One known example for this scenario would be people getting pink amphetamine because a producer gives a fuck on extra work if everyone buys his bullshit talk like stronger batch, bettter effects bla bla
    (quicksilversalts act fucking nasty, you wont notice it at all if consumed, this shits starting to begin fucking up your brain slowly after 5-15 years by causing deseases from early dementia, parkinson, or totally random crazyness on a level you wolud be the rest of your life in a hospital for retarded people)

    The best and easyest way to make this a pure product is yo get a bottle of pharmaceutical grade acetone which doesnt cost much money (no acetone from toolstores, its cheap but impure)
    Its fast, really simple and costs not even 5 bucks to get this substance absolute clean wahed with acetone.

    After your stuffs dry again which takes aroud 5 minutes for amounts from 1-50g

    You will get a result of product with no smell, completely shiny white powder/rocks, and usage causes less damage inside your nose.

    Plus pure product = better activity of product! :thumbup:

    So yes im having a damn good batch of predator nep lol.... Maybe the only one in germany haha

    Greetz from germany, i hope i could help as much users as possible

    Stay safe! :wave:
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    Last post 2 weeks ago
  • ONLY ENGLISH - Questions, reviews, opinions
    Predator did a great job this time again. :thumbup:

    My fun package just arrived and i have to admitt they really surprised me.

    I have ordered 15g nep and 15g 3cmc legend.
    So far so good.
    First it took a little long until it could be sent out because 3cmc was out of stock fast.
    After a few days i contacted predek and they explained the situation to me that 3cmc is out but i will get my pack soon.
    Thats fair... Its not like im buying stuff at the local drug store or something so i wait.

    Like in my post before they kept theyre word. I did not need to ask to hurry up or cancel/replace 3cmc and got it safe right now.

    As a little footnote I really have to say, its really a pretty cool move from good ol' alien-reaper-gang for surprising me with a nice extra yummie i was mentioning by giving me a good gram more than ordered of 3cmc plus a good nice sample of 4cmc prima sort transparent whithout asking for any samples for me at all :clap:

    Thank you @predatorRC,
    This is really apprechiated and my special thanks for your special bonus! :thumbup:
    Im definetley going to buy more stuff this evening :mrgreen:

    Im nothing but happy happy happy happy happy right now!

    Greetings to the whole dopek crew from germay! :wave:
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